Summer CSA: Week Fifteen

We had our first threat of frost this Sunday.  We’ve covered all of the tender crops and are preparing the field for winter.  It’s hard to believe that it is already time for cold weather and the extra effort that comes with it, but we look forward to the lovely autumn days and fall crops ahead.     

Veggies this week: 

·      Potatoes 

·      Carrots 

·      Chard, Kale or Broccoli 

·      Husk Tomatoes, Salad Turnip or Radish 

·      Leeks 

·      Peppers, Eggplant, Filet or Wax Beans 


Tortilla de Patatas

“From Smitten Kitchen” 

This is a recipe for a traditional Spanish tortilla, but you can add peppers, broccoli or slivered greens too.  Try substituting leeks in place of the onions.  Prosciutto, ham or cheese could be tasty additions as well.