Summer CSA Week Three

This week there will be carrots and beets... and if the weather cooperates, there will be the first taste of snap and snow peas of the season! Also, depending on the weather this week, there will be Earliglow strawberries from Deer Ridge farm in Guilford. This early variety of berries is in our opinions the sweetest and most delectable, so even though we aren't able to grow strawberries on our land at Full Plate farm we love to share with you these tasty seasonal treats!

Additionally, the kohlrabi is ready this week.  If you aren't familiar with kohlrabi, it is a purple, or sometimes green leafy bulb, that looks a bit like an alien spaceship. Despite its looks, it is crunchy, refreshing and delicious. Its taste is reminiscent of the inside of a broccoli stem, and makes a great snack when peeled,cut up into sticks and dipped in dressing or hummus. 
Veggies this week:

Cooking Greens: Kale, Collards, Chard


Green or Red Head Lettuce
Salad Mix
Asian Greens: Mizuna, Tat Soi
Strawberries from Deer Ridge Farm (weather permitting)