Summer CSA Week Eight

This week we have green and filet beans!  Filet beans are also known as Haricot Vert, and are picked smaller than regular green beans. They are tender, delicate and packed full of flavor.  We grow them in a rainbow of colors, but since the plants are still maturing, this week we will likely have only purple and possibly green filet beans.  We suggest eating this first picking of beans raw. They are still so sweet and tender that there's no need to cook them! 

Veggies this week:

Green and Savoy Cabbage
Japanese or Italian Eggplant
Cooking Greens: Kale or Collards

Cucumbers: Slicing, Japanese, Pickling and Lemon.

Fresh Onions
Head Lettuce
Zucchini and Summer Squash
Fresh Garlic
Green or Filet Beans
Herbs: Dill or Parsley
New Potatoes