Summer CSA Week Eleven

It's melon time!  Our watermelons and muskmelons are ripening up now.  We grow several different varieties of muskmelon; all sweet and fragrant, some are orange fleshed like cantaloupe and others are green or white. We have three types of watermelons; large, oblong and red fleshed, small, round and red fleshed and a small, round yellow fleshed variety that we are growing for the first time this year. Melon season is short and sweet, so the melons will likely only be available over the next  two or three weeks.  
Also, tomato season is finally at its peak and we will have bulk tomatoes for sale.  Tomatoes are mixed heirloom (different colors) and red slicers $2.50 lb, with a minimum order of 10 lbs. Please email Laura and put in your order with the amount you'd like and which CSA pick up you'd like to get them at. First come first serve- we will only have about 20-30 lbs available at each pick up.    

Veggies this week:


Red Cabbage
Fingerling Potatoes

Cucumbers: Japanese, Pickling and Lemon.
Muskmelons and Watermelon
Green Bell and Hot Peppers

Herbs: Basil, Cilantro or Parsley

Sweet Corn from Harlow Farm 
Zucchini and Summer Squash
Tomatoes: Mixed Cherry and Heirloom  
Ground Cherries (Husk Tomatoes)
Fresh Onions