Summer CSA Week Ten

Well folks, we are nearly halfway through the summer CSA. We are planting fall and winter crops now, even as the summer crops have just reached their peak abundance.
This week we have a couple of new veggies that look much alike; tomatillos and ground cherries.  You may have seen or tried the ground cherries at a pick up already, they are sweet tomato-like fruit inside of a delicate paper husk. They are great for snacking and go well with meat, cheese and onions.  Remove the husk, slice them in half and try adding them in to a quesadilla or onto toast with goat cheese and honey.
Tomatillos are the larger, greener and much more tart sibling of the ground cherry.  They make terrific green salsa, but we don't suggest eating them on their own.  They can be roasted and blended into salsa, or  roughly chopped and thrown into a salsa fresca.

Veggies this week:


Red Cabbage
Japanese or Italian Eggplant

Cucumbers: Slicing, Japanese, Pickling and Lemon.
Fresh Onions
Hot Peppers
Kale: Curly or Red Russian

Salad Mix
Head Lettuce 
Zucchini and Summer Squash
Tomatoes: Mixed Cherry and Heirloom  
Ground Cherries (Husk Tomatoes)
Green or Filet Beans
Herbs: Dill, Cilantro or Parsley