Summer CSA: Week Fourteen

Fall is here and we are very, very busy.  We are canning fruit and pickles and freezing vegetables, tilling in old crops to plant in cover crop for the winter, and harvesting storage crops to put away in the root cellar.  We harvested the winter squash last week (Laura’s favorite yearly farm activity), so look forward to that in your shares soon.   

Veggies this week: 

·      Tomatoes from Whetstone Ledges farm or Husk Tomatoes 

·      Kale, Broccoli, or Cilantro

·       Arugula or Lettuce

·      Cucumbers, Filet or Wax Beans, Peppers or Eggplant 

·      Garlic 

·      Radish or Turnips


Check out this recipe for Roasted Hakurei turnips with Israeli cous cous salad: