Summer CSA Week Six

This week we have fresh garlic and spring onions!  Fresh garlic is the pungent uncured version of the garlic we are all used to getting at the grocery store.   When you get it home,  keep it's stalk on and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it, then cut off the stalk, and make a slice in the bulb to get started peeling it.  Peel off the more fibrous layer and use the cloves just like regular cured garlic!  
Spring onions are similar to fresh garlic in that they are just the young version of the usual cured onions we eat, only fresh onions are so much sweeter!  There is no need to peel them, and you can use the entire onion, including the tops.  Use the tops in anything you would usually use scallions for, or throw them in the pan with the rest of the onion in whatever you are cooking.
A couple of reminders about veggie storage:  to keep your carrots and beets crisp, cut off their tops and store the roots separately in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. To keep new potatoes longer,  keep them in a plastic bag in the fridge... they are more tender than full size potatoes, but still need to be kept in the dark.  

Veggies this week:


Red Buttercrunch, or Green Head Lettuce
Collard Greens

Peas: Sugar Snap,Purple Snow Peas, Shelling Peas

Spring Onions
Fresh Garlic
Herbs: Dill or Parsley
New Potatoes