Full Plate Farm is Laura Hecht and Matt Crowley. We've been farming together in one way or another, since we met in Oregon in 2001.   From there, we traveled the country, worked as farm hands, cooks, bicycle mechanics, carpenters,and  street musicians (among other things) until we finally settled in the Brattleboro area eight years ago. Here we figured Matt could pursue his interest in sustainable design at Yestermorrow design and build school while Laura pursued her dream of learning trapeze at the local circus school.  Little did we know we'd finally found a home!   

Since then we worked at several farms in the area, eventually landing at the Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center, where Matt managed the Food Connects School Harvest project and UVM Extension Youth Agriculture Project while Laura started Full Plate Farm. We had long dreamed of owning our own farm - and farming leased land was the first step to making it happen.

In 2015, we were selected to purchase a conserved property from the Vermont Land Trust.  Our dreams of owning our own farm finally came true!  We worked hard renovating and preparing to grow on the new farm, and are still working to make it better every day.  We  feel so lucky to be able to be here in 2018, our third year, and are excited to share this new and awesomely beautiful place with you!


We care deeply about providing access to healthy nutritious food, and believe that caring for the land is the way to do it!

We grow our veggies using holistic practices to enhance our soil fertility and manage weeds and pests naturally. We don’t use herbicides and spray organic approved pesticide only when absolutely necessary. We are a very small farm which allows us to pay uncharacteristic attention to our crops and provide only the best quality vegetables to our customers.    



The best way to get our vegetables is to join our CSA.  We grow the widest variety of gourmet quality veggies just for our members, and joining the CSA guarantees  that you get the best selection. 

You can also find us at the Brattleboro Farmer's Market:  Downtown at New England Youth Theater, Tuesdays 4 - 7 pm and on Saturdays, 9 am - 2 pm at the Farmer's Market on Route 9.  

During the holiday season, you can find us at the Putney Winter Market at Green Mountain Orchards, 130 West Hill Rd.