Farmer’s Assistant (now Hiring)

We are seeking one person for a seasonal farmer’s assistant position. This person will work closely with the farmers to do the daily work of the farm: planting, cultivating, weeding, harvesting, packing and distributing the crops.  They will take on more responsibility as the season and their skills progress.

The ideal candidate has some previous farming experience.  They will be accustomed to working long, physically demanding days in uncomfortable weather, and be both thorough and quick at completing tasks.  An ability to work closely and communicate well with others is also very important, as is the ability to work alone and self-motivate. Attention to detail and an eye for aesthetics is necessary. A desire to learn is a must.

Work averages 40 hours/week in the summer, less hours in the spring and fall/winter with an hourly wage starting at $12.00, more depending on experience. There is a two week trial period to determine if the employee is a good fit with our farm. A raise of at least $1.00 will be given after three weeks or once a proficiency for the general tasks has been shown. Housing is not provided, but plenty of farm produce will be available. Three days of sick pay is included. Rain gear and work gloves will be supplied. The job begins in April and continues through until the end of December.